Girls Rifle Team, Drexel University - 1925 - Imgur

Teenagers at a party in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1947 - Imgur

I wanna know what song was playing.
So…this just happened.
I’ve been accused of hating all holidays. Untrue. I like thanking service members on Veteran’s Day by parking my car outside the Veteran’s Housing building and putting a banner on my car.
(via The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot | julian peters comics)
This poem and I are having a secret affair lately. I’m bad at secrets, turns out. 
Today I: got my hairs all purdyed bought new paints for my face AND a new outfit, watched “A Band Called Death,” (cried at the footage of Rough Francis’s first Monkey House show. I told Bobby Sr that night that I was a real fan of the people he has raised, and the music he made.) Considered the persistence and patience of time. I wish every day was like this one…25 hours.

I deactived my Facebook account on Monday, partially because I am tired of passive-aggressive behavior in general (for whatever reason, EVERYONE seems unwilling to just say what they mean and let it be done, and I find that exhausting and frustrating. Words. They’re easy.) and partially because I wanted to see how it effected me, ala Louis CK’s bit on cell phones and how we use them as emotional bandaids. 

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